About Us

Who We Are

G&L Materials is a marine wholesaler of anodized aluminum pipe, marine pads, t-top materials and many more parts essential to boat manufacturers, fabricators, and DIY builders. Our products also have applications in commercial and residential construction for railings and accents.

Extensive inventory levels are stocked in our 15,000 square foot warehouse to meet all of our fabricators’ needs, leaving them ample workspace and affording our company the ability to supply on demand. Deliveries are made five days a week to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey.

All of G&L Materials inventory comes from trusted sources that provide all parts and metals that we can sell at competitive prices directly to our metal and t-top fabricators and boat manufacture partners.

Our Mission

G&L Materials believes in direct communication with all of our clients. Customer satisfaction and a personalized experience is what you can expect from our G&L Materials team.

Call our facility directly to speak with one of our sales associates to discuss our 48 hour turnaround delivery time. With most anodized aluminum for t-top fabricators, marine pads and hardware and accessories readily available in our warehouse, we can distribute your marine parts fast and at a competitive rate.